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Patient Z is a London-based independent brand, founded by Zlata Khodosovskaya. Zlata’s creative direction and work is rooted in her Post Soviet heritage, as well as the exploration of social and cultural boundaries inspired by the issues of our generation. Merging high quality with individuality, we create elevated premium clothing that inspire a badass attitude in everyday life.  Our clothes are made ethically from high quality materials and are designed to be lived in. 


What does Patient Z actually stand for? It stands for PATIENT ZERO. 


Patient Zero is the first carrier of the “virus” - a pioneer. It is the person who started it first and “infects” those around them. Patient Z was created with a mission to pioneer the outbreak of a growing community for those who don’t quite fit in and spread our vision into the world in a sustainable pill.


Our goal is not to create fashion for fashion’s sake,  but to tell a story through our carefully curated work and craft. We don’t believe in following trends, but rather creating pieces that can stand out in the crowd.  

Sustainability and ethical production are the key cornerstones of our brand. We source deadstock materials, reuse and recycle our offcuts as much as possible and we work with a local factory in East London for our production. Getting to know our production chain up close and personal allows us to ensure ethical production.

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